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We Have a Consistent Review Process

We understand that the key to helping individuals, families, and businesses meet their financial objectives is through open communication and the development of a rapport with our clients. We accomplish this by meeting with our clients at least annually. Many of our clients like to meet with us every six months and sometimes even quarterly.

Customer Service Second to None

We pride ourselves on being accessible and on providing an exceptional client experience. We love our clients and desire to help them meet their goals however we can. As you have unique situations arise, or are looking for answers to questions, you should always feel comfortable reaching out to us.

We Are Fiduciaries By Choice

Acting in the best interest of our clients is the cornerstone of every decision we make. We attempt to understand your unique situation as fully as possible so that we can help you make financial decisions that are in your best interest, not ours.

If you would like to learn more about our processes and how we provide value for our clients, please give us a call or use the contact form below. We would love to get to know you.

Why Five Pine Wealth Management?


1. When was the last time you heard from your financial advisor?

We pride ourselves on great communication and customer service with each and every one of our clients. Building relationships and having a direct line of communication are key when it comes to helping our clients retire successfully.


2. We are not salesmen.

We are professionals that understand investments and economic cycles. We don’t give your money to someone else to manage and we don’t push you into high-cost mutual funds to collect a commission. We act as fiduciaries when we hand-select investments that fit your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.


3. We believe in minimizing costs when it comes to investments as well as life insurance.

When was the last time your advisor spoke to you regarding fees? Many of the funds we use are 75-80% less expensive than the industry average. For life insurance needs, we’re advocates of using term-life insurance provided by A+ rated carriers, as term insurance usually meets the needs of our clients at the lowest cost.


4. We implement modern technology and continually evolve our practice to serve our clients’ needs.

You can check your investment portfolio with an app on your phone and receive all updates electronically. If you need funds, we can have them deposited to your bank account within 24 hours.


5. We commit to working hard for clients because we cherish their trust and confidence in us.

We consistently monitor our portfolios to ensure clients have high-quality, low-cost funds, while also rebalancing those portfolios on a regular basis. We act in our clients’ best interest and charge a flat fee for assets under management to avoid any conflict of interest with investment options.

Meet Ben Holzhauser

and Jeremy Morris

Ben Holzhauser

Ben Holzhauser

Investment Advisor Representative

Jeremy Morris, MBA

Jeremy Morris, MBA

Investment Advisor Representatve

SmartVestor Advisor Program

There are many advantages to working with a Dave Ramsey recommended SmartVestor Pro. We share Dave’s passion for helping families achieve financial peace through bad debt elimination, and through making smarter consumption, saving, and investing decisions.

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