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Too often we’ve inherited clients who haven’t heard from their financial advisor in years. We take great pride in the level of service and communication we provide to each and every client. 

Whether through semi-annual and annual reviews, intermittent updates, or informal check-ins, we’re in regular contact to ensure that every financial plan is on the right track.

As financial advisors in Idaho, we welcome in-person meetings with our local clients but are also available virtually for our clients who live in Idaho and beyond.

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Five Pine Wealth Management

250 NW Blvd, Suite 111, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815


Financial Planning

We do comprehensive financial planning for our clients to help them work toward achieving their purpose. Then we meet regularly to check in and ensure we’re tracking the goals we’ve established.

Investment Advice

Whether helping our clients choose funds in their company 401(k) or designing portfolios we manage, our clients know we work in their best interest while tracking both costs and performance.

Tax Planning

As financial advisors in Idaho, we work closely with local CPAs to implement tax strategies which prevent you from overpaying the IRS. We’d rather see your legacy extended to your heirs and preferred charities.

Financial Advisors in Idaho and Beyond

serving purpose-driven high-net-worth families


Financial Advisors in Idaho Serving Clients Across the Nation


Our financial advisors are based in beautiful Idaho, but we are honored to serve clients beyond our state’s borders as virtual advisors.

Comprehensive Service

A sound financial plan includes more than just investment management. 

As holistic advisors for purpose-driven clients, our financial plans encompass investment planning, insurance planning, estate & tax planning, education planning for children, and more. 

We are independent fiduciaries and will help you pursue your financial goals with a comprehensive approach.

Low-cost Assets

We design portfolios for our clients using low-cost index mutual funds and ETFs such as those created by Vanguard & Blackrock. 

While many funds in the market have internal expense ratios in excess of 1%, we use funds with expenses often lower than 1/10th of 1%.

This means our clients keep more of their investment earnings over time.