You've Taken the First Step!

We'd love to take the next step with you.


Whoa! You’ve submitted your information, and now you’ve been bombarded with emails and phone calls by several qualified Dave Ramsey SmartVestor advisors.

Try not to be overwhelmed, and take the opportunity to meet with a few different advisors.

We understand that choosing an advisor is an important decision, and we’d love the opportunity to be one of the advisors you meet with in order to determine who fits your needs the best. Below you’ll find several things that separate us from other advisors in the area.

We’re fee-based advisors and fiduciaries.

A Fiduciary is someone who is licensed to act in your best interest at all times. Our interests are never put above those of our client’s. By acting in our client’s interests, we believe that we build trust leading to a lasting relationship as our clients navigate toward and through retirement.

We are fee-based advisors and we charge a flat fee to manage assets for our clients. Our maximum fee is 1% on an annual basis. We believe the fee-based model puts us on the same side of the table as our clients and aligns our interests. To better understand our fee-based model, read more here:  Understanding Our Fee Structure


We’re comprehensive financial planners and wealth managers.

Of course we manage investments. But having a solid financial foundation includes having a comprehensive financial plan in place. For any clients who decide to work with us, we will do a complete financial plan at no additional cost.


Costs matter

We are cost conscious advisors. We build portfolios using a lineup of low-cost mutual funds and ETFs from quality managers like Vanguard, Schwab & Blackrock, among others. We chose funds with good track records and low fees


Communication is key

If you decide to work with us, you’ll never been in a situation where you’ve not heard from your advisor for an extended period of time. At a minimum we meet with all of our clients at least annually. Some of our clients prefer to meet with us biannually and even quarterly. We’re happy to meet as often as our clients desire. We can’t add value if we’re unaware of how our client’s lives are changing.