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Catering to high-net-worth families & individuals with unique investment opportunities

As your wealth grows, your financial planning needs evolve and become more complex. And unfortunately, it’s easy to derail the wealth you’ve worked so hard to create and maintain. 

After all—you don’t know what you don’t know.

Our financial planners are here to guide you through the complexities of your financial situation, providing you with solutions, education, and sound financial advice—all while answering the questions you have along the way.

Who Is a High-Net-Worth Client?

Your net worth is calculated by adding up all of your assets and subtracting your liabilities. If you have approximately 1 million dollars in (liquid) assets after this calculation, you’re considered high net worth by most financial institutions. 

High-net-worth individuals often find it beneficial to seek professional advice from financial advisors who specialize in managing, protecting, and growing large amounts of assets.

When Is High-Net-Worth Financial Planning Right for Me?

Your net worth goes beyond a simple dollar amount. All of your wealth requires preservation and careful attention. 

But if you find yourself with 1 million dollars or more in liquid assets, it may be time to seek the professional and specialized expertise of a high-net-worth financial advisor.

High Net Worth Financial Planning Strategies

Five Pine Wealth Management high-net-worth financial advisors can help you navigate these specific financial planning strategies….


Investment Management

High-net-worth financial advisors can help you properly allocate your assets and track, manage, and rebalance your portfolio as necessary. 

Every investment decision we make aligns with your specific resources, preferences, goals, and risk tolerance.

We work closely with you, always acting in your best interest, to take advantage of opportunities and show you different possibilities for your wealth.


Tax Planning

As a high-net-worth individual, you’re acutely aware of the high tax bracket you find yourself in. 

A high-net-worth financial advisor can provide you with legal tax strategies that help lower your tax burden

Retirement contributions, tax deductions, and tax-loss harvesting are just a few of the many tax strategies a high-net-worth financial planner can advise you on. 

Over time, effective tax-saving strategies can have a tremendous impact on your ability to grow and preserve your wealth.


Asset Protection

We educate you in risk management, helping you understand how to reduce risk and optimize your investment returns

We stay up to date on financial market conditions, analyze opportunities, and identify potential risks in your portfolio to help protect your assets.


Insurance Planning

Your high net worth comes with associated risks. Our advisors help assess and identify these risks and advise on insurance coverage to help protect and preserve your wealth

We also analyze your current coverages and determine whether you have the right type and amount of insurance for your lifestyle, assets, and liabilities. 


Charitable Donations

You have the resources to positively influence the world around you. 

High-net-worth financial planning often includes progressive strategies for charitable giving such as donor-advised funds, annuity trusts, non-cash gifts, private foundations, and more.

These strategies help you blend your charitable giving with what makes the most sense for your tax obligations and your portfolio—a win-win for everyone!

These strategies, along with succession planning, estate planning, and retirement planning, can help you make the most of your high net worth. 

We offer our services both locally and virtually, and are fee-only fiduciaries.

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