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Technology advancements have opened up numerous investment opportunities—you can invest in assets like Bitcoin, index funds, real estate crowdfunding, and even startup companies—all from your phone.

Online banking has made it easy to track spending, create budgets, and set up automatic payments and savings. Job hopping and an emphasis on higher education have allowed employees to increase their income faster than ever.

But unfortunately, not everything in personal finance has gotten easier. Household debt—particularly mortgages, student loans, and consumer debt—has significantly increased. And recessions, market crashes, and a worldwide pandemic have created uncertainty and setbacks for many.

Delivering innovative solutions is one of the many ways our financial planners in Spokane are helping the residents of this great city. Navigating personal finances—in good times and bad—is what we do best.

Our fee-only advisors in Spokane are ready to help you with:

Financial Planners in Spokane

The world of personal finance is nuanced and ever-changing. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. You have questions about your finances and need answers quickly.

From cash flow management and budgeting to estate planning and risk management, our Spokane financial planners are here to answer your questions and guide you through your individual financial plan.

Retirement Planning in Spokane

What worked for your parent’s retirement is most likely not going to be what works best for you.

Pensions are slowly disappearing and being replaced with defined contribution plans, putting more emphasis on you contributing substantially to your retirement. 

Life expectancies are increasing, Social Security benefits are at risk of decreasing, and healthcare costs are rising, all bringing new challenges to retirement planning. 

Our Spokane retirement planners have faced these challenges and are ready to adapt as your financial planning needs change.

Wealth Management in Spokane

Your financial journey is highly unique. Your goals, risk tolerance, available options, and even preferences all affect how your wealth should be managed. 

Our Spokane financial planners understand that you want (and need) highly personalized planning. Our client-centric customer service will leave you feeling heard, appreciated, and taken care of.

Tax Planning in Spokane

Tax reform and rules are constantly changing, making it hard for the everyday worker to keep up. 

Effective tax strategies can help you save serious cash, especially if you consistently adapt your strategy as your income, expenses, and life situations change. 

Our Spokane financial advisors can help answer your tax questions and figure out the best strategies for your situation.

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