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Our Financial Advisors Serving Sandpoint, Idaho empower you to make smart money moves

Unlike the beautiful, clear waters of Lake Pend Oreille, your financial situation can often feel murky and mysterious.

And even though you make more than enough to live comfortably, you know you could be doing more with your money. 

You may have vague goals for retirement, your ideal lifestyle, and the legacy you’d like to leave behind for your family.  But finding clarity and implementing focused actions sounds as daunting as climbing Schweitzer Mountain.

How Can Financial Advisors Serving Sandpoint, Idaho Deliver Clarity?

At Five Pine Wealth, we know our clients have the power and capability to understand their financial situation and make wise financial decisions. 

We also recognize that they can achieve these goals faster if they have someone in their corner empowering and guiding them.

Our financial advisors in Sandpoint deliver clarity to our clients by:


  • Zooming out and looking at your financial “big picture”
  • Planning your goals and creating strategies to achieve them
  • Helping you envision your retirement and determine how much money you’ll need
  • Creating a clear spending and savings plan
  • Educating you on your investment options 
  • Combing through your benefits package so you can optimize every opportunity
  • Spotting tax savings opportunities to lower your lifetime tax burden
  • Understanding your insurance needs and helping you choose the coverage that best fits your needs

When you have clarity about your financial situation, you….

  • Feel more confident
  • Make wiser decisions 
  • Prioritize your financial to-dos
  • Know what step to take next

When you don’t have financial clarity, you…

  • Second-guess yourself
  • Feel lost and aimless 
  • Are less productive 
  • Get easily distracted
  • Miss out on opportunities

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