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What is Estate Planning? Why is it important?

Estate planning is a specific aspect of financial planning that allows you to legally document the details of what you own, who you’d like to own it after you pass away, and how they’ll own it. 

You can think of your estate plan as a carefully designed roadmap for how you’d like your assets managed and distributed during your lifetime and beyond.

Estate Planning Services

Wealth management involves comprehensive strategies that aim to grow and preserve your savings while providing you with actionable advice for your financial decisions.

When you work with us, your specific wealth management process will be completely customized to your: 

  • Financial goals
  • Risk tolerance
  • Investment objectives
  • Time horizon
  • Estate planning needs
  • Generational wealth planning 
  • Charitable contributions
  • Asset protection needs
  • Tax obligations
  • And more

Will and Estate Planning

A last will and testament is a critical legal document that outlines your specific wishes for your assets and guardianship of your dependents. Failure to create a sufficient will can leave crucial decisions in the hands of court-appointed individuals (or the courts themselves). This process, known as probate, can be time-consuming and costly.

While you are still alive and able to make sound decisions, you can put your assets into a living trust where they can be held and managed as you, the grantor, desire. You can also assign a trustee who will be responsible for trust administration—fulfilling your wishes and distributing your assets after you pass according to the agreements laid out in the trust documents.

Estate Planning Advice

Navigating estate planning can feel intimidating—that’s why estate planning financial advisors specialize in this crucial area of personal finance. Below are a few estate planning areas where we can advise and assist you:


Estate Taxes

Minimizing your estate tax burden is crucial for preserving your wealth. 

Estate taxes, also known as death or inheritance taxes, can be imposed at the federal and state level. 

The tax your assets are subject to can be quite hefty.

A financial advisor who specializes in inheritance planning can help implement legal strategies to minimize the taxes your estate will be liable to pay.


Asset Protection

Your estate can be threatened by lawsuits, creditors, and bankruptcies. 

A comprehensive estate plan includes safeguards for protecting your assets. 

An estate planning financial advisor can help you implement risk management strategies to help protect and preserve your wealth.


Inheritance Planning

Successfully transferring your assets is a complex and delicate process. 

Before you begin, you should carefully consider your goals and values and ensure your estate plan reflects them so your wishes will be carried out correctly. 

Inheritance planning includes minimizing estate taxes and risk, having the proper documents completed, and educating beneficiaries about their responsibilities. 

An inheritance financial advisor can walk you through these necessary steps.


Family Succession Planning

Passing down a family-owned business is a momentous task filled with emotions, legal matters, and lots of paperwork. 

A successful transfer includes effective communication, clear timelines, flexibility, and the preservation of family relationships. 

An estate planning financial advisor can advise you on what you need to accomplish in order to successfully pass down your business and assets.


Integrating Estate Planning and Wealth Management

Estate planning and wealth management share many of the same principles and goals such as tax optimization, asset management, and successful wealth transfer. 

Proper wealth management can seamlessly transition into successful estate planning with the right tools and resources. An experienced estate planning and inheritance financial advisor can help you both manage and grow your assets and successfully transfer and protect your assets after you pass or become incapacitated. 

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